Who we are

Our Vision

We want to optimize CSR management by bringing outdated processes into the digital age.

Redefine Corporate Citizenship

Redefine Corporate Citizenship

Our vision is to redefine how people and organizations approach corporate citizenship.

Maximize Social Impact

Maximize Social Impact

SocialTech Solutions aims to maximize the social impact of every invested Euro by offering technological solutions to optimize the management of corporate donations.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that individuals and organizations alike have a responsibility to make the world a better place. We commit ourselves to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations.

With Inbound it was possible to finally track my sales online and connect them to my real store here in New York. The whole thing was very easy to set up and I could not be happier!
Daniel Jung
Social Media Education & Mathtutorial Pioneer

How we work

We offer a digital ecosystem for the Management of Corporate Donations

We have made this thing as easy to use as possible. So you do not have to worry about implementing it into your business!


Find fitting and verified social projects easier than ever before

Our social market place allows you to find the verified projects, initiatives and organizations that best fit your company’s interests!

Maximize the social impact of your contributions

Our software facilitates comparability between projects to get the most out of every invested cent!


Build Transparency with a centralized dashboard

Our centralized dashboard gives you a real-time overview of all CSR activities and supported projects!

Here is one example

Our App "Lucy"

Lucy is a mobile app that democratizes CSR by engaging employees in the decision making-process

Lucy is a mobile application that democratizes CSR and builds transparency by engaging employees in the decision making-process.

  • Employees choose the projects they feel most passionate about
  • Their companies donate to these projects accordingly
  • Everyone can track the real-time impact of the social projects